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Beware of fake apps


Be careful when downloading apps on your mobile device. Many apps are not what they seem. Fake apps can hide bad, or even criminal, intentions. A malicious developer can do bad things, from selling your personal information to using the tool to exploit vulnerabilities on your device and use it for attacks. 
Pay attention to some warning signs and minimize risks! 
Install apps only from official sources and stores. And even on these stores, be careful. Many apps are developed by third parties and are subject to implementation errors, or may have already been created with malicious intent. Before installing, check out the app's screenshots, and pay attention to the name of the app, as many of these fake apps resemble the official ones. Also check to see whether the developer is trusted, how many people have installed the app, and people's reviews. 
When installing an app, be aware of what permissions you are giving it: Only provide those that you consider necessary for the app's operation. For example, a speed test app does not need to be able to access your contacts to work. 
Use these tips and think before installing to minimize risks!
For more information: (portuguese only)

The first scene shows a girl on her mobile phone. A large mobile screen next to her displays an app download button with the following message: "Best App Ever! Download now!" Before clicking on the download button, a warning signal appears on the screen, with the following phrase: "Before installing an app, beware!"
In the second scene, the character is on her phone and a thought balloon emerges with virtual app stores (such as Play Store and App Store). On the mobile phone screen, the virtual app store icon is selected and the following phrase appears in the scene: "Download only from reliable sources." 
In the third scene, the character is holding a magnifying glass investigating information about the app (developer, rating, and reviews). She chooses to install the app and the following phrases appear in the scene: "Look for screenshots," "Check the developer," "Read reviews."
In the fourth scene, a hand opens an app and denies the app permission to access her contacts. In this scene, the following phrase appears: "When installing, restrict permissions."

Security Postado em 11/24/21


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