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About the Project

It is the right and duty of each person to be a good citizen, and this is also true for the digital world, using Information and Communication Technologies responsibly, in particular the Internet.

It was based on this premise that created the Net Citizen project, conducted by the team. The initiative aims to disseminate and encourage good practices related to digital citizenship and the good use of the Internet, reaching the largest possible number of users.

With short animations which explain in a simple way how to use the network correctly and responsibly, covering technical and behavioral issues, important tips can be transmitted and shared across the network.

We will periodically make videos and gifs available that will address various subjects, including tips and care for security and privacy on the Internet, how to improve Internet access in your home, network rights and many others.

Join us on this mission by posting the videos on your website, on your social networks, on the TVs in your building's elevators or in waiting rooms, for your customers, employees, members of your association, students, colleagues from work, friends, family, in short for everyone who uses the Internet.

Interested companies and organizations can become partners in this initiative, including their logo in a customized version of the videos, for dissemination on their website, or other channels. Contact us by e-mail to request the application of the logo of your company or entity in our videos.