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As the popular adage goes, "Nobody's perfect." The same goes for computer systems. As much as they are tested intensely, sometimes unexpected errors are found after their launch. These errors can lead to security flaws and vulnerabilities, but this does not mean that everything is lost and the system will have to be thrown away. System updates exist to fix these errors and keep systems running. 

Failure to perform updates (whether because of forgetfulness, laziness, or negligence) can be all a malicious attacker needs to hack into your system. Therefore, it is very important to keep your devices and systems up to date. This is one of the essential steps to keep your devices safe.

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In the first scene, there is a girl on her mobile phone and a large screen next to her displays a suspicious message from an unknown number with the following message: “Black Friday! You have just won an amazing discount and a freebie.”

In the second scene, viruses try to invade the phone. In this scene, the following phrase appears: "Take precautions." 

In the third scene, the phone displays the configuration screen, where the software update option is selected. The phone begins to update, and after some time the message "Software update complete" appears. In this scene, the following phrase appears: "Keep your device updated".

The fourth scene shows a shield on the phone screen and protection around it. In this scene, the following message appears: "This is one step to protect you." 

Security Postado em 11/19/21


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