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Web accessibility: describe your images


Web accessibility seeks ways to ensure the participation and use of the network by people with disabilities, autonomously and with equal opportunities. The more accessible programs and websites available, the greater and better their participation will be. To achieve this, a joint effort between users and developers is needed to ensure that information is accessible.

This video addresses the difficulties individuals with visual impairments have. In their case, greater care with photos shared is advised, since they surf the web with the help of programs called screen readers, which reproduce the information written on the screen in an audio format. Therefore, it is important to develop sites with the option to subtitle videos and audio published, and that users engage with this option. Without these descriptions, they will not be able to fully understand the message.

When posting photos on social media or other websites, add a detailed description of the content, and do your part in building an inclusive web!

One more tip: on some social networks, the name assigned to the feature that adds descriptions to photos can change. Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn use “Alternate Text”, whereas Twitter uses “Add Description”.

Reference links:  (portuguese only)  (portuguese only)

In the first scene, several electronic devices are used by persons with disabilities. Above, the phrase “About 3% of Brazilians are visually impaired” is shown, people disappear, leaving a visually impaired man holding a cell phone.
In the next scene, the man is pensive. His device’s screen is highlighted next to him, showing a profile on social media with the image covered. Under the image, the description “To start the day.”A speech bubble repeats what is written on the screen, simulating a screen reader. The man looks confused. Above him, the phrase “Post photos with descriptions” changes to “Help screen reader users.”On the mobile screen, the description is completed “Pictured: a cup of coffee.” A speech bubble representing the screen reader repeats the phrase to the man who nods and happy emoticons. The screen’s image is disclosed showing a hot cup of coffee. A heart comes out of the man’s cell phone and moves towards the screen, liking the photo posted.

Web standards Postado em 12/17/21


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