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Your phone is your wallet


Smartphones and their apps have made our life easier. Today we can carry documents such as an ID, a driver's license, and voter registration in the same device that we use to communicate. And that is not all! We can make payments and transfer money on our phones by taking our banks with us, and for this reason, we can even leave our wallets at home. 

But remember the popular saying, "It's not all roses!" All these resources also require new prevention measures and changes in our routine. Now, because your phone is your new wallet, it needs the same protection! Do not lend your device to other people, not even for a minute, especially not to strangers. Set up a lock screen, whether using a pattern lock, a PIN lock, a password, or even biometrics, preventing a single careless moment from allowing someone else to access all the information in it. 

On apps, use two-factor authentication whenever possible (check for instructions at ). If your mobile phone has been stolen or lost, it is important to ask your carrier to block the device's IMEI code and to report the loss to the police. 

For more information: (portuguese only) (portuguese only)


In the first scene, the character shows his mobile, and the screen contains banking and e-commerce apps. In this scene, the following phrase appears: "Bank account and e-commerce passwords.”

In the second scene, the character puts his hands on his waist, thinking, then a thought balloon appears showing that a mobile phone is equal to a wallet. In this scene, the following phrase appears: “Your phone is also your wallet."

The third scene shows the man displaying his mobile phone with the screen lock activated. In this scene, the following phrase appears: “Activate your screen lock."

In the fourth scene, there are two characters on the screen. While the main character fiddles with his phone, the other asks if he can borrow it. The main character refuses to lend his phone and the following phrase appears: "Do not lend your phone to anyone."

In the fourth scene, the main character is at a police station with a policeman typing into a computer. The following phrase appears: "If you lose your phone, report it to the police and notify your bank."

Security Postado em 11/23/21


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