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Wired networks are the best connection option


The use of Wi-Fi connections is practical and very popular. However, if you are looking for stability and higher speeds, wired connections are preferable. 
A Wi-Fi signal is an electromagnetic wave and, as such, it is affected by factors such as interference from other electronic equipment - including smartphones - devices with Bluetooth, or even other Wi-Fi networks. Wi-Fi signals can also lose power because of simple barriers such as furniture and walls or even the distance between the computer and the router. This interference leads to instability, higher latency, and lower speed when compared to the use of an Ethernet cable connection. 
For mobile devices, Wi-Fi is the most suitable solution. However, if you want a fast and reliable connection, if you need to connect multiple computers and other devices to the network, or need to transfer large files, stream videos or even play online games, a wired connection is still the best option. 
In addition to ensuring greater control over who accesses your network, the capacity of a wired connection is greater than that of a Wi-Fi connection. Today, the current data transfer limit via Wi-Fi is about 1Gb/s. Furthermore, this speed depends on the Wi-Fi frequency and standard used. If you do not choose your wireless router correctly, your Wi-Fi signal may have a smaller capacity than your contracted speed and you will never be able to reach your plan's maximum speed.
So, whenever possible, a cabled connection is preferable and, if you are going to use Wi-Fi, pay attention to the Citizen Online videos to improve the quality of your connection.

The first scene shows a router emitting a signal and suffering interference. Soon after that, a red signal light appears on the router and the man gets angry. In this scene, the following phrase appears: "Wi-Fi routers can fail." 
The next scene zooms in on the router, which is loading and flashing a blue light. Soon after that, other red signal lights appear, causing interference. In this scene, the following phrase appears: "Wi-Fi interference and slow connections can occur." 
In the third scene, the character is holding a magnifying glass comparing the Wi-Fi and cable connections. He then points to the cable, indicating that it is the best choice. In this scene, the following phrase appears: "Wired networks are more reliable." 
In the fourth scene, the cable connects to the computer, and the happy man claps his hands. In this scene, the following phrase appears: "Give preference to a cable connection." 

Internet and Network Infrastructure Postado em 11/24/21


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