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Every day, more and more people create websites to promote their business on the Internet. After all, the Internet allows us to reach audiences in different regions, which usually wouldn’t be possible with physical stores. 

But how do you create a good website? One of the most important aspects is the use of standard languages for web pages: 

HTML5 - HyperText Markup Language. Markup language gives structure and meaning to web content. For example, to define paragraphs, headings, tables of contents, or insert images. 

CSS3 - Cascading Style Sheets. This language is used to style HTML content. With it, you can define background colors and fonts, and place content in multiple columns. 

JavaScript is a programming language that allows controlling the behavior of elements that are dynamically updated, multimedia, animated images, and others. 

When these standards aren’t followed, a website may work in one browser but not in another, or its layout may be well-configured on the computer, but not on mobile devices, for example. Therefore, you need to follow these standards and test the website in different browsers and devices. 

If you don’t know how to program, find a programmer, and make sure that your website complies with web standards. And remember, test it before publishing!

One more tip: In addition to Web standards, remember basic connection and safety standards. Also add IPv6 (it will allow expansion, so that more users connect to your site) and HTTPS (browsers label sites that don’t have HTTPS as unsafe) on your website. Although they are not the focus of the video, both are very important! 


In the first scene, a pensive pizzaiolo is next to his pizzeria. Above him, the question “Creating a website?” pops up. 

In the second scene, the phrase “Web pages follow standards” appears above a computer. On that computer screen, lines of code are written. Next to it, the acronyms HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript appear, which are standard languages for website development. 

In the third scene, a programmer types on the computer, and a thought bubble shows the pizzeria’s website project. Above it, the phrase “Make sure they’re used” appears.

In the fourth scene, the phrase changes to “Test in different browsers and devices”, and a cell phone and a laptop show the pizzeria’s website open and working in both devices.

Web standards Postado em 2/7/22


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