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Data Leakage


When registering on a website, especially in e-commerce sites, they normally request personal information such as address, phone number, and documents, like SSN and, eventually, payment data, in addition to login and password credentials. By providing this information to the website, users believe their data will be securely stored and transmitted. However, although websites adopt security measures, data leaks can happen. 

A stored database can be invaded, be it by taking advantage of vulnerabilities in the systems adopted by the website, malicious programs, or weak administrator passwords. And your personal data may be among the data stolen. The situation can become worse if malicious agents want to use your data to scam people (as if having part of your private data exposed wasn’t enough) and open accounts in their name, try to access other websites using the same login and password combination, or use the data to phish and extort. Keep an eye out for news about data breaches and check notifications from the affected services! 

There are some measures that you can take if your data is affected, In the case of account access data, immediately change the exposed passwords and, if possible, also enable 2-factor authentication. If your account was hacked or a fake profile was created in your name, follow the procedures available on the affected platforms and inform your contact list so that they don’t fall for scams. 

When creating a profile on an online shopping website avoid saving your payment data, such as credit cards. If such information is leaked, contact the issuing institutions, block the stolen cards, and dispute credit card transactions that aren’t yours.

Minimize risk by choosing strong passwords and trusted websites and provide only the mandatory information. Whenever available, enable 2-factor authentication and notifications about login attempts and password changes. 

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In the first scene, an apprehensive woman sees a leaking tap, but instead of drops, chips with user profiles fall out. Above, the phrase “Did you hear of a data leakage?” appears. 

In the second scene, a hacker is on the computer and a file with the woman’s profile appears to him. He tries to log in using her data. The phrase “They may try to hack your account” is shown. 

In the third scene, the woman checks her cell phone, on which alert notifications of suspicious access and access by a new device appear on the screen. Above, the phrase “Search notifications from affected services.”

In the fourth scene, the phrase changes to “Change affected passwords.” The woman touches her cell phone, and the option “Change password” appears on the screen, she fills in the field and hits confirm. 

In the fifth scene, the phrase “Protect your data, beware of leaks” takes over the entire screen.

Security Postado em 2/8/22


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