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How to turn your phone into a Wi-Fi router


A Wi-Fi access point or router allows devices to connect to a smartphone, turning it into a kind of router. This is a good solution when the Internet at home is down. Remember, however, that this will consume data from your 3G or 4G plan. Keep an eye out for excessive mobile data consumption.
Get the step-by-step instructions:

- Open your mobile phone settings and select access point or Wi-Fi router (depending on the model);
- Configure the access point with the name chosen for the network and password;
- Activate the option; 
- Connect the device to the created network.

It is like connecting to any other Wi-Fi network! 
Remember: As long as this option is enabled, anyone with the name of the Wi-Fi network and password can use your Internet connection. Give this information only to people you trust. Also, do not forget to disable the function when you are done using it to save battery life!

In the first scene, there is an angry man and a computer with no Internet access that displays the following message: "Could not connect to the Internet." There is a warning signal on the router and the following phrase appears in the scene: "Problems with your home router?"
In the second scene, the man gets his mobile phone and enables the access point function. Then, the Wi-Fi signal appears around him and the computer screen. The following phrase appears in this scene: “You can share your mobile data!”
In the third scene, the configuration screen appears on a mobile phone and a finger touches the "Access Point" option. In this scene, the following phrase appears: "Configure an access point on your mobile phone."
In the fourth scene, the laptop appears with the Wi-Fi settings page open on its screen and data being entered. The following phrase appears in this scene: "Select the Wi-Fi network on the computer and enter the password." 
The fourth scene shows the word "Connected" with a green check that pops up on the screen with the following phrase: "Stay connected."

Internet and Network Infrastructure Postado em 11/24/21


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