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Test your website with a Focus Group


Programming and assuming your website or app will be accepted by everyone is not enough. Usability is an essential aspect to be considered. A website or app with good usability allows users to navigate and use it intuitively, without difficulties. 

Developers may believe their product’s usability is good because they already know the product well but understanding and knowing what your target audience thinks is vital. 

There are several ways to control the quality of your website or app. One way is a focus group. In this case, a group of people that represent your target audience meets to evaluate and test your website or app and offer opinions and often suggestions to improve the product’s usability. 

This group is also called a debate group. People interact with each other and discuss the positive and negative aspects of your solution. Participants will point out what difficulties they had and whether the product meets their expectations. 

So, before launching your website or app, consider holding a focus group!




In the first scene, a woman is sitting and typing on her computer. Next to her, Web programming codes pop up. The phrase “Want to know if your site works well?” is shown. The woman stands up thoughtfully. Beside her, a cell phone screen shows an application, idea bubbles with approval and rejection signs appear next to it.

In the second scene, the phrase is “Test it with your target audience”. The woman holds a magnifying glass, and a dart hits the target. The image is replaced by a pie chart, with one of the slices showing people with similar characteristics.

In the third scene, a group of young people – two boys and two girls – are using their phones. Above them, the phrase “Get their opinion before launching it” is shown on top of their heads; idea bubbles of approval and rejection appear.

The phrase changes to “Ensure website usability”. The rejection idea bubbles disappear, leaving only the approval ones. Interaction emoticons, such as hearts, thumbs up and smiley faces appear and move upwards on the screen.

Web standards Postado em 12/17/21


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