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SEO - Search Engine Optimization


When creating a website, you expect it to be accessed by many people, especially your target audience, but that doesn’t always happen. The reason may be the lack of application of SEO procedures in your web page. 

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is a set of techniques that aim to position one or more pages among the best search engine results. To rank pages, search engines use several algorithms, which assess the relevance of your page in relation to other sites. 

Although we cannot know exactly how these algorithms work, SEO methods use strategies so that your website content is better understood and ranked by search engines.

One of the key points is the quality of your content. Your website needs to contain useful and relevant information; and careful not to copy existing content. The time users stay on a website can also indicate to algorithms that there is quality content there that calls users’ attention.

Another relevant point is to provide a good experience while browsing. Several factors should be considered here, including your website responsiveness. Since most of the accesses are currently done through mobile devices, it is key to ensure good navigation on your website, regardless of the device used. The loading time and the keywords chosen to identify the content are paramount to better position your website in an Internet search. 

Search and learn about SEO, improve search results of your site! 


In the first scene, a pensive woman is on her computer; beside her, a screen shows her website. Above, the phrase “Want to promote your business?” is shown. 

In the second scene, the phrase “Algorithms rank web pages” is above a screen that shows the ranking of websites, with her site at the bottom of the list. She seems sad as she uses her computer with one hand and with the other hand, she gives a thumbs down, which indicates that things are not going well. 

In the third scene, the woman looks at the computer. A screen with the search for “SEO - Search Engine Optimization” is shown; above, the phrase “Learn SEO - Search engine optimization” appears. 

In the fourth scene, the phrase changes to “Improve advertising of your site.” Below, a screen shows the ranking again, but this time her website ranks first! The woman is next to the screen and gives a thumbs up. 

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