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Do you back up your data? Various situations can put your files at risk: Your computer or mobile phone may break; you may delete files by mistake; you may suffer from an unsuccessful update or even a hacker attack. Unforeseen events happen, and therefore it is important to have a copy of the files you consider important so they can be recovered if necessary. This is called a backup. 
There are several ways to back up your data: Using programs integrated into the operating system; using specific applications; saving files on an external flash drive or HD; or even sending a copy to your e-mail or external file repository (the “cloud”). 
Each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages. 
For instance, you are the only one who can access manual copies, but they are prone to errors in the chosen media and also depend on you remembering to keep the backup content updated. It is advisable to password-protect these copies and even use encryption. If you choose this format, you can schedule an alert to remind you to update your backup files and use at least two different media to save them. 
Cloud-based automatic programs are practical, and some companies even offer limited storage for free. However, they can consume a lot of bandwidth when uploading files and can become expensive if a lot of storage space is required. In addition, users should check whether the program meets their needs, including aspects such as the file format supported, the company’s reputation, program security, cost, storage space, automation, etc. 
In general, people usually only back up data. However, it is also possible to completely back up a system (data and software) to restore it to its current state, either on the same device or on a different one (given that it is compatible). 
Therefore, choose the best option for you, and back up your data! 
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In the first scene, two young men are in front of a computer displaying a spreadsheet. A cup of coffee spills on the keyboard, and it starts smoking. The characters are upset, and the following phrase appears in the scene: "Problems with your computer?"
In the next scene, one character is not sure what to do. The other shows him that they can store computer data in the cloud or on an external hard drive. In this scene, the following phrase appears: "Now what? Do you have backup?”
The third scene shows a computer whose screen reads "Restoring backup". After a while, "Backup restored" appears on the screen. The spreadsheet reappears and the characters exclaim joyfully. The following phrase appears in this scene: "Avoid problems in the future." 
In the fourth scene, there is a computer whose screen shows the option "Backup? Yes or No". The "yes" option is chosen, and backup begins. When it is done, the characters applaud. The following phrase appears in this scene: "Back up your data".

Security Postado em 11/24/21


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