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Save your Internet data plan


Is your Internet plan data running out? Some measures can help lower data usage. Enable them now and start saving!

There are several measures that help reduce your smartphone’s Internet data plan usage, one of which is by enabling the data saver feature, available in most current operating systems.

With this feature enabled, most apps will not be able to use data in the background and, when possible, data usage will be reduced in the foreground as well. While this option is enabled, you’ll no longer receive notifications from messaging apps, and photos or system updates, as well as background apps, will not be backed up. In addition, applications that are in use may have reduced video, audio, and image quality.

Moreover, apps that include photos and videos, such as social networks, streaming, and browsers are often the most responsible for Internet data usage. That’s why some already offer the option to enable the data saver feature, such as uploading videos and images in high-quality only when the device is connected to Wi-Fi. Check each application’s settings.

Another tip is to adopt Lite versions of these same apps. They are often lighter and use less data.

Finally, some streaming and GPS services provide an alternative, such as pre-downloading files. In other words, you can download a video or a map while using Wi-Fi and then access them without using your 3G or 4G.

Take these measures and save your Internet data plan!


In the first scene, a woman holds a cell phone. Beside her, the cell phone screen appears enlarged, at the top the phrase “When you’re low on battery” is displayed, a magnifying glass zooms in on the screen, showing that the battery is running low. The sentence changes to “You enable battery saving mode”, the woman types on her cell phone and the magnified screen shows that she is enabling the battery saver feature. In the second scene the screen shows the data usage, with the phrase “Same for the Internet data plan” above, the woman types something on her cell phone, the cell phone screen shows that she is enabling Data Saver, the phrase then switches to “Enable battery saving mode”.

Internet and Network Infrastructure Postado em 12/17/21


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