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Radio Link Internet Connection


Radio link Internet connection allows people living in areas not served by the wired network to access the Internet. To do this, two antennas are used: one is placed on the transmission tower and the other in the customer's home, and this allows for radio waves to transmit and receive signal. However, like WiFi, this technology is subject to interference because it uses electromagnetic waves. 

Some of the most common causes of interference in a radio connection are weather factors such as rain and lightning, which can distort the signal sent by the antenna to the client and vice versa, resulting in loss of packets and even connection. 

In these cases, the best alternative to access the Internet without friction is to wait for the weather to improve. When the rain stops, your Internet will work normally again.

Video description

In the first scene, a man is standing in front of a house in a rural area. Next to him, an antenna is emitting electromagnetic waves towards the house, and the man, who is holding a tablet, is happy. Above is the phrase “Radio link Internet serves regions where cables don’t reach.”

However, in the second scene, heavy rain clouds appear and a lightning storm begins. At the same time, the waves emitted by the antenna are deformed and the sentence changes to “But its signal is subject to interference.” The man tries to use the tablet again, but gets angry because he can't access the Internet, then the phrase “Lightning and rain lower the quality of the connection” appears, and the man gives a thumb down as a sign of disapproval.

In the last scene, the sky turns blue again and the rain clouds disappear. The waves emitted by the antenna return to normal, and the man can use his tablet happily again. The phrase “Sometimes you must wait for better weather” appears below. He claps his hands happily.

Internet and Network Infrastructure Postado em 7/19/22


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