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Take care of your personal data


Data leakage is an unfortunate reality that is increasingly common these days. It is key that you protect your personal data. Keep it confidential and share it only with institutions and people you trust, and make sure they’re the ones receiving the information, and not someone pretending to be them. Criminals are becoming increasingly creative, and many people end up falling for scams, done by using their own data, such as instant messaging apps (for example, WhatsApp and Telegram), social networks (such as Facebook and Instagram) and fake telemarketer calls. 

Malicious people with a victim’s personal documents can commit fraud and crimes such as: making new credit card requests, enabling a new cell line, creating fake accounts on social networks, faking the kidnapping of a relative to get ransom, among many other malicious acts. 

To avoid falling for scams like these, do not share your personal data and passwords and block unknown numbers. This will prevent malicious people from using your information against you and your family members.

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In the first scene, a woman points to images that represent her personal information, such as her ID number, SSN, email address, home address, and password. Above is the phrase “Protect your personal data.”

In the second scene, she talks on the phone with an identified attendant and informs the agent her SSN. Above is the phrase “Be careful who you share it with.” 

In the third scene, a password icon appears, the phrase “Don’t share passwords or access codes” appears, and the woman gives a thumbs down, while the password is cut off by the ‘no’ symbol. The woman answers the phone: it’s an unknown caller. 

In the fourth scene, a hacker is next to a computer that displays a login screen. She is on the phone, asking for the victim’s password. Little devil emoticons appear around her. Above is the phrase “Avoid scams” appears.

In the fifth scene, the woman, who would be the hacker’s victim, ends the phone call. The phrase “Be careful” appears.

Security Postado em 2/7/22


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