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Privacy Policies


When it comes to reading Privacy Policies, it’s no news that many people 'skip' this step and agree to the terms right away. However, the Privacy Policy is a document that tells users, among other information, which data will be collected during navigation and for what purpose. 

Therefore, reading it is essential, after all, only then users will be aware of the terms and conditions they’re accepting to use the services offered by websites and applications. A lot of data can be collected, including personal data provided by users themselves through forms, or collected by the system as navigation information (cookies), location, user behavior on the site or application, and others. All this data must be treated and handled with the utmost rigor.

Brazil’s General Personal Data Protection Law (LGPD in Portuguese) exists for this purpose, it determines a series of measures that companies, institutions, and organizations must adopt to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of stored data. Publishing privacy policies and terms is only one part of this process. The law also specifies how the data collected must be stored and protected, and even includes penalties in the event of data leaks or other irregularities. Find out how it works in your country.

Video description

In the first scene, a man sitting at a table uses a laptop and the screen shows a page of a website with the address “” and a notification regarding reading the Privacy Policy. Above is the phrase " You must read the privacy policy of websites and apps”!

In the second scene, the man clicks on the hyperlink that leads to the terms of the Privacy Policy, and then the phrase “That’s where you find out how your data will be used.” The browser screen disappears. 

In the third scene, the Privacy Policy document appears on the screen, the man reads it with a magnifying glass while the sentence “What will be collected and for what purpose” appears. 

Finally, the sentence “Read the terms and only accept them if you agree” appears and the man claps his hands.

Responsible use and duties on the internet Postado em 7/19/22


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