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Application Permissions


When you install a new application on your phone, it’s normal for it to ask for permissions to access your data. Features such as camera, location, permission to save files, or access your contact list may be necessary for some applications to work properly, but this isn’t a rule. Be careful! 

Some applications may be abusive or malicious, requesting more permissions than necessary. Be suspicious of apps that are accessing data or resources other than the ones they need to operate. For example, a photo editing app should not have access to your contacts, just as a calculator app does not need to know your location.

If you provide the permissions, these applications can use your data and compromise your privacy. Personal data is becoming more and more valuable, either for targeted advertising or even scams, which is becoming increasingly common. 

So, in addition to downloading applications only from trusted sources, read the Privacy Policies. By doing this and setting the permissions for use, you minimize the risk of information such as location, photos, messages, sensitive data, and daily habits being sent to malicious people. 

Attention: The operating system of your smartphone allows you to check which permissions are provided for each installed app. 

On Android, the option is under Settings - Apps - All apps. The next step is to select the desired app, select the “Permissions” option, check the permissions requested by the app and disable those that aren’t necessary. 

For iOS systems, choose the Settings option, select the desired app and the permissions you wish to give that app.

And don't forget, before installing an app, research the developer; read the terms of use and privacy; check that the permissions requested are in accordance with the app’s operation, and deny the permissions that you consider abusive. Protect your data!  

Learn more: (poprtuguese only)

Video description

In the first scene, a man moves his cell phone and the device’s screen appears enlarged on the side, showing several installed applications. Above is the phrase “Many apps are abusive.”

Next, the scene changes and a pensive thief appears, looking at a scale that has data on one side and bags of money on the other. The scale shows that data is heavier, i.e. worth more. The phrase that appears is “They collect data they don't need.”

In the third scene, the man reappears next to the cell phone screen. He is accessing a menu called “Privacy,” then he clicks on “Manage Permissions” and disables the “Location,” “Contacts,” “Camera,” and “Microphone” buttons. Then appears the phrase “Go to the settings and delete unwanted permissions,”

In the end he makes a positive sign with his hands and smiles, while the animation ends with the warning “Protect your privacy!”

Security Postado em 7/19/22


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