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Wi-Fi signal has a hard time going through walls


The Wi-Fi signal is an electromagnetic wave, subject to interference and signal weakening along the way. Choose well your router’s position. In addition to keeping it far from other electronic devices that may interfere with your signal and placing it in a high place, you need to consider your house floor plan, since walls and doors can also make it difficult for the Wi-Fi signal to reach every room.

When you put your router in the living room, some of the rooms may have worse Internet signal. This is because the signal is weaker due to distance and obstacles in the way (such as walls, doors, and objects). One way to try to reduce this effect is to put your router in a central area in the house, to shorten the distance between the router and the rooms.

Buying a more powerful antenna for the router (or a router with a better antenna), using signal repeaters, and removing objects that are in the way can also help improve signal range.


In the first scene, a car with the music on goes towards a tunnel. The phrase “In a tunnel, your car’s radio sound is bad” appears. Sound symbols are replaced by noise symbols. In the second scene, the car goes through the tunnel, still with noise. Above, the phrase “Radio signals don’t go through walls” is shown. In the third scene, a woman is in a room next to the router, using her cell phone. The router emits a green light, reaching the entire room, the phrase “With your WiFi, the same happens” appears. The camera moves to show a room on the top floor of the house, an angry man shows his tablet, the Wi-Fi signal is not reaching the room. Above, the phrase “Walls weaken the signal” appears. The camera zooms out and the whole house can be seen. The phrase “Pick wisely where to put your router” appears, the router is mounted on the wall, in a central area of the house, its signal starts to reach every room. The man and the woman happily use their devices.

Internet and Network Infrastructure Postado em 12/17/21


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