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My Internet's down... Now what?


Everyone has experienced trouble with their Internet connection. All it takes is not being able to access a website or app and we immediately say our Internet has crashed. But what causes it? There are several reasons, such as problems with cables, the router or modem, DNS, the Wi-Fi signal, or even communication with your Internet provider.
Before activating your ISP support, we recommend investigating some possible causes of the problem. Check whether the problem is affecting only one device (such as a computer, tablet, or mobile phone), or all of them. 
See if the problem is in your home or on the website or app you are trying to access. If while browsing the Internet you are unable to access a particular website, chances are the problem is the website itself. If you cannot access any websites, there are some basic steps you can take to try to reestablish your Internet connection. The first is to check that all the cables are connected and working, both electric and Internet cables. If this is not the source of the problem, the next step is to restart the equipment responsible for the device's connection, i.e., the router and modem.
And why can this work?
Typically, when these devices are turned on for too long, they can accumulate frozen tasks or endless complex processes that keep running, and consume a lot of processing and memory. When these resources are not available to perform other tasks, the equipment may have a hard time browsing the Internet. Restarting the equipment helps to free up allocated processing and memory, thereby allowing you to reestablish your connection. Also, restarting the equipment forces you to start or restore a connection that was previously lost.
To restart your equipment, disconnect the cable from the router and wait at least 15 seconds before reconnecting and turning it on, thus ensuring that it has been completely switched off.
If this does not solve the problem, then it is a good idea to contact your ISP customer support.

The first scene shows a woman using a computer, thinking, beside a computer screen that is loading a web page. In this scene, the following phrase appears: "Site not loading?”
In the second scene, the character tries to load another page, but is also unsuccessful. In this scene, the following phrase appears: "Neither is another one?"
The third scene shows the character making a thumbs down gesture with her hand, while the computer screen shows the following message: "Unable to connect." 
In the fourth scene, the hand restarts the router, whose green LED lights are lit up. The Wi-Fi signal then appears. In this scene, the following phrase appears: "Try restarting the router."
The fifth scene shows the character on the computer where has successfully loaded. The character gives a thumbs-up sign. In this scene, the following phrase appears: “Restarting your connection may fix it."

Internet and Network Infrastructure Postado em 11/19/21


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