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Hiring an Internet plan


When purchasing an Internet plan, the equipment provided normally comes with WiFi function. Check if the WiFi capacity of the equipment is enough to meet the plan you want to hire.

WiFi follows standards, and one of the main ones is IEEE 802.11. It determines, among other things, the operating frequency, bandwidth, and data transmission capacity on WiFi.

Over time, the 802.11 standard evolved. Nowadays, routers usually support 802.11n, 802.11ac, and earlier models – the 802.11ax standard or the so-called WiFi 6 already exist, but the equipment that support them is still quite expensive.

Therefore, make sure the equipment delivered by your Internet provider supports the plan you hire (usually up to 802.11n). Such information is in the WiFi settings on your device.

And remember, even with the speed indicated in the 802.11n standard, factors such as interference, distance from the network equipment, and number of devices make it hard for Internet speed to exceed 150 Mbps.

Now, if your idea is to use an old router, be careful! In general, devices that support 802.11n don’t have Gigabit ports, only Fast Ethernet, whose speed is up to 100 Mbps. If this is the case, when connecting your old router to your provider’s equipment, it may not be able to provide the Internet speed you hired.

If your Internet plan is below 100 Mb, routers with 802.11n support will be able to provide you the hired speed via WiFi. But, if you have a superior plan, you must use equipment that supports at least 802.11ac – routers that support this technology reach speeds above 800 Mbps and have Gigabit ports.

Another tip is to disable WiFi on your provider’s equipment if you’re going to use a separate router. This helps avoiding interference.


In the first scene, three Internet plan options are presented: 50 Mbps, 250 Mbps, and 500 Mbps. Above, the phrase “Hiring an Internet plan?” appears, while a person’s hand hovers over the options without knowing which one to choose.

In the second scene, a man stands beside the plan options and chooses 250 Mbps. On top of him, the phrase “Check the hired capacity.”

In the third scene, the phrase is “See if the router supports the speed”; the man then looks at the 250 Mbps plan, and a speech bubble appears saying “Over 250 Mbps.” The information of the Internet plan disappears, and a router box pops up in its place. With a magnifying glass, the man analyzes the plan that indicates speeds of up to 300 Mbps and approves it with a thumbs up.

In the fourth scene, the man is in his room, the router is on the shelf. Above, the phrase “Choose devices compatible with the plan” is shown, a green light comes out of the router and shoots across the room. The man claps.

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