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Do you know what hashtags are? They are the union of a keyword or expression with the symbol known as the “hash” or “pound” (#) sign. The purpose of hashtags is to facilitate content search on social media. In other words, by searching for a given hashtag, you discover several posts, from different people, on the same topic. 

Therefore, when posting on social media, use hashtags to reach your target audience. That is right! This feature expands the reach of your posts and can attract users, as social media algorithms tend to group posts with similar subjects to present them to interested people. A valuable tip for company profiles!

Learn about the best usage practices and tips: 

 - Avoid adding too long hashtags, prioritize words instead of phrases;
 - Choose hashtags that dialogue with your post’s topic;
 - Check if the hashtag already exists and if it is being used in the same context as yours. Remember: Some words have more than one meaning;
 - Check the spelling of your hashtags. Some do not use special characters, some use upper- and lower-case letters.

Now that you know a lot more about hashtags, how about posting with the famous “pound” sign? Start by promoting #InternetCitizen. 

Topic suggested by Mayra Pizzott Rodrigues dos Santos.

Video description

In the first scene, a man uses his cell phone and shows a profile on a social network with the publication of a photo of him on the beach. Above, the phrase “Are you posting on social media?”. Next, the scene focuses on the cell phone screen and the caption being typed for the photo. Then the man is thinking about the hashtag; above him, the phrase “Use hashtags with keywords” is shown. 

In the third scene, the phrase “They make content search easier” appears; the man types the hashtag #beach and posts his photo. He then types the same hashtag in the social network search tool; next, he is looking through a magnifying glass and finding the search results, in which, among other photos, his recent post is shown. In the fourth scene, the phrase changes to “And improve your posts reach”; meanwhile, 150 likes appear on his cell phone screen and the man beside him likes the publication, with a thumbs up with both hands.

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