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Electronic devices can interfere with Wi-Fi signal


Wi-Fi uses electromagnetic waves to connect devices to the Internet. If there is other electronic equipment nearby that generates a similar signal, it may cause Wi-Fi interference! Pay attention to where you put your home’s Wi-Fi router.

Currently, there are two Wi-Fi frequency bands: 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz (soon there will be 6.0 GHz). 2.4 GHz has longer signal range, lower maximum speed, and 11 channels; on the other hand, 5 GHz has a smaller signal range, higher speed, and 23 channels.

The choice of which is the best range for Wi-Fi at home depends on each case. Interference is one of the decisive factors. When using 2.4 GHz, your network is subject to greater interference than 5.0 GHz, because in addition to the smaller number of channels available, various devices, such as walkie talkies, radios, baby monitors, electronic gates, microwaves, televisions, and devices with Bluetooth can use the same frequency and may cause interference.

In some situations, avoiding interference is hard, such as your neighbor’s Wi-Fi. In this case, you can change your Wi-Fi channel. But when interference is caused by other household devices, relocating your router may be the best solution. If that isn’t possible, one option is switching from 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz.


In the first scene, a man is in a room. Behind him, there is an armchair; by his side, an entertainment center containing electronic devices, including a television, a router, a telephone, a stereo. The phrase “Is your Wi-Fi signal bad?” appears at the top, the router displays a red Wi-Fi signal, and the man does a “thumbs-down” gesture and seems angry. He sits down. The phrase changes to “Don’t put your router near electronic devices,” the other devices send wave signals again, crossing with the Wi-Fi signal. The man stands up very angry waving his arms, and the phrase changes to “They can cause interference!” In the second scene, the man is in another room, a sideboard without electronics is beside him. Above is the phrase “Pick wisely where to put your router” is shown. The router appears on a shelf high up on the wall. The phrase changes to “Prevent Wi-Fi interference,” the router emits a green signal, the man gives two thumbs up in approval.

Internet and Network Infrastructure Postado em 12/17/21


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