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Cyberbullying: What if it happened to you?


Cyberbullying is very serious. It consists of intimidating someone on the Internet by offending them, insulting them, or calling them derogatory names.

Sometimes we see children and adolescents, as well as adults, post or share gossip and lies to demoralize someone for their characteristics and preferences, and then justify these posts as a "joke" that was misunderstood. Aggressors do not acknowledge their malicious actions, or the harm they have done to other people, because they want to defend themselves and keep bullying others.

The worst part is that they think they can do anything online without being recognized, because they are behind a computer screen, they will not be found out. This is a big mistake! There are ways to identify perpetrators.

Always bear in mind: What if it happened to you? What if you were the other person? How would you feel? We need to understand that bullying is no joke, regardless of whether it is online. In addition to harming the victim, it can generate serious consequences for the aggressor, with even civil or criminal lawsuits in court!

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The first scene shows two boys on their mobile phones and little devil emojis appear around them. A thought balloon appears from one of the boys showing a third boy (victim). In this scene, the following phrase appears: "It might be just a joke for you." 

In the second scene, the phone screen shows the third boy's (victim) screen receiving negative comments. In this scene, the following phrase appears: "But not to someone else." 

The third scene shows the victim crying with his phone in his hand. In this scene, the following phrase appears: "Not everything is a joke."

The fourth scene shows a police officer in front of a police station. In this scene, the following phrase appears: "Cyberbullying can have serious consequences." 

Responsible use and duties on the internet Postado em 11/19/21


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