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End-to-end encryption


There are several dangers on the Internet. One of them is the interception of messages that travel over it. When using messaging applications, make sure they apply end-to-end encryption. As a result, even if your message is intercepted, reading or interpreting it will not be possible.

Simply put, cryptography is considered the science and art of writing messages in an encrypted (or encoded) way, so that only those involved in that information exchange can read their content. At first glance, it may seem like a complicated technology, but to enjoy the benefits provided by cryptography, you don’t need to study it in depth or be an experienced mathematician. Currently, encryption is already built in or can be easily added to most operating systems and applications. It is often already enabled by default and its use is barely noticeable; other times, you are required to perform some basic settings.

In fact, most messaging services already use end-to-end encryption. In general, you don’t need any extra configuration to start using it. But some restrictions are common when messaging apps use the cloud. Go to the app developer’s page to make sure end-to-end encryption is in place and protect your information. 

Video description

In the first scene, two guys use the cell phone in different places; one of them sends a message to the other with some personal and bank details to carry out a transfer. The phrase “Messages can be intercepted” is shown. A criminal appears along the way, intercepting and reading the message before it is sent to the other person. The phrase changes to “With no encryption, anyone can read them”; after that “Don’t take chances!” is shown. Then, the scene repeats, and the same guy now sends the message, but a lightbulb appears over his head, representing that he had an idea. The same message leaves the device, only now it turns into a set of random characters with a padlock symbol signaling that it is protected by encryption. The phrase that comes up is “Use apps and services with end-to-end encryption”; the criminal, red with anger, cannot read the message and gives up. The message reaches its destination, and the original content with personal and bank account data is safely delivered. Both men celebrate by clapping their hands.

Security Postado em 3/16/22


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