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Change your router password


Home routers use factory settings to start operating. Although this can make installation easier, equipment becomes vulnerable to attacks and facilitates unauthorized access. Therefore, when installing a router, change its default settings.

The first step is changing the password and login in the router settings. Default information is usually well-known, which makes it easy for malicious agents to access your settings and take control of your equipment.

The second step is regarding your WiFi. Change your default network name and register a strong password! Changing the network name reduces the risk of having WiFi networks with equal names, which can lead to loss of Internet speed, interference, unwanted automatic network switching attempts, and other problems. Also, some standard network names identify the equipment manufacturer, which helps attackers take advantage of known flaws of the respective manufacturers. Changing the network name also shows that extra care was taken when defining the settings, which indicates to potential attackers that you’re taking good care of your network.

Remember to add a strong password for your WiFi network. Thus, only people who have your password will be able to use it.

Lastly, an important tip: never put personal information in both the name and password you’re going to use for your WiFi! Personal information may be used by attackers in various other circumstances.

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In the first scene, a young woman stands pensive in a room. Behind her, there is an armchair with a small table beside it and a bookcase to the right. Above, the phrase “Installing a new router?” appears. A router is on the shelf and a man dressed like a thief, impersonating a hacker, appears behind it. The phrase changes to “Minimize risks.” The image focuses on the young woman, who sits with a laptop in front of her. The screen shows the router’s settings page. The following phrase is “Change your WiFi network name and password.” The young woman enters a new name and password for the network and saves the settings. The shot opens and returns to the room scene. The young woman gets up and the phrase now is “Don’t use default settings.” The router sends a green signal to the room. The young woman celebrates by clapping her hands.

Security Postado em 2/4/22


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