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Be careful with the information you share


Using social networks helps us keep in touch with family and friends that are far away, and it is natural to want to share our moments with them. But be careful with the information you post on the Internet since, in addition to your friends, other ill-natured people may be watching to try to take advantage of you!

Be careful when posting photos and videos! First, check if your location can be deduced from the places that appear in them. Never share personal data such as license plates, addresses, documents, and credit card numbers. 

Do not publish information that calls the attention of criminals, such as personal and family habits, for example, how many members there are in your family, your children, your children’s school, your work hours, your children’s school hours, trips you go on and their regularity. This kind of information can be used to plan a crime against you.

Also, remember that your social media profile represents your public image. Be aware of this because it can affect how people view you, including your current employer or future job interviewers. 

Nowadays, many social networks offer the possibility to choose specific groups with whom to share information and posts. Use this group setting to share data or send it directly to the person of interest.

Think before sharing!

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In the first scene, a girl taking selfies in front of her house, her address is visible, it can be seen. Above, the phrase “Be careful on social media” appears.

In the second scene, the phrase “Do not post personal data” appears. Pictures of the same girl in front of her house are shown again, with the address visible, she is sitting on the hood of the car where the license plate can be seen, one hand is holding a credit card with the number visible next to a cell phone showing an online store, passport number and boarding pass photo, company badge with employee ID are displayed. The girl looks pensive. An attention sign appears over the photos.

In the third scene, a criminal checks the girl’s social network with the published photos. He then sees her license plate, credit card number, and home address. The phrase “Criminals can use it” appears on top.

In the fourth scene, the phrase changes to “Avoid future problems” and the same photos appear, but now the compromised data is erased. The girl gives a thumbs up with both hands.

Security Postado em 2/8/22


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