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Apps and programs consume resources


There are several reasons why your apps might not work properly and seem slow. One is the number of programs or apps open at the same time. To work properly, programs need a certain number of resources available from the device, such as memory, processing power, and bandwidth. However, these resources are limited and if too many programs are open simultaneously, they will compete among themselves, which may lead to slow functioning. In general, the more programs that are open, the greater the competition among them. 

If the resource at stake is the Internet and there are no connection problems, check for other software programs that are open and consuming network data. Streaming services consume data continuously as they are being used. If a program that uses the Internet is launched at the same time as other programs are running, this may limit the download speed of the other programs. A common example is when two people stream videos on different devices on the same Wi-Fi network. As already discussed, videos consume a lot of bandwidth, and this situation can lead to poorer quality of streaming.

The simplest way to deal with slowness in programs is to close others that are running simultaneously. If this is not possible, some software programs allow you to limit bandwidth usage or reduce the audio or video quality of files. To enable these options, simply change the settings of these programs.

It is important to note that these recommendations apply to computers. For mobile devices, the recommendation is to keep the apps open. The operating systems of mobile phones have been developed to optimize the management of apps in the background. This limits resource usage and frees up processing and memory usage. Turning off apps and turning them on again can use up more resources than simply keeping them open.


In the first scene, there is an upset girl with her hands on her waist, next to a large laptop, trying to load the Citizen Online website. The following phrase appears in this scene: "Is your app slow?"

In the second scene, the character points to the laptop screen, which shows the programs that are currently open and working (music, videos, downloads and a spreadsheet). In this scene, the following phrase appears: "Check what programs are in use."

In the third scene, the character points to the laptop screen, where there are images of many programs that may be consuming resources. In this scene, the following phrase appears: “They can consume your resources."

In the fourth scene, all the open apps are being closed. Soon after all the apps are closed, the Citizen Online page loads and the girl claps her hands. In this scene, the following phrase appears: "If you are not using it, close it.”

Internet and Network Infrastructure Postado em 11/23/21


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